An Immersive 6-Month Wealth Accelerator for Women in Network Marketing who Want to Obliterate Self-Sabotage, Create Unstoppable Confidence and Earn Their Biggest Bonus YET.
Are you a female network marketer who would like to...
✓ Create impact and change the lives of customers through your product without chasing customers for tiny profit margins.

✓ Get paid to prospect. You heard right. I'll show you how to create multiple income streams from your business

✓ Make the most money in your business that you have EVER made without hustling harder. 

✓ Leverage your personality and expertise to sky rocket your business and grow a team of motivated and fired up people.

✓ Learn how to use the latest online marketing techniques to rapidly grow your business and drop the exhausting hotel meetings and 1-1 meetings.

✓ Finally stop playing small, slay your self-sabotage and step up to build the business you so desperately want.

BUT...I know this isn't your reality right now...
Right now...

✓ You got so swept up in the dream of having your own business that you never stopped to think how challenging it was really going to be. Now reality has hit...and you are feeling overwhelmed and full of doubt. You're starting to worry you're just not 'business minded' enough to make it work.

✓ Anxiety grips you every time someone asks you how your business is going and you hate having to pretend that things are going well. You would love your business to support you fully financially but everyone around you keeps telling you it's a pipe dream...and you're starting to believe them.

✓ You're fed up of not believing in yourself and constantly second guessing whether this is going to work for you. Your self-sabotage game is STRONG right now.

✓ You're burnt out from hotel meetings, depressing one on ones and team members who drain the life from you. You're sure there must be a better way...but you're not sure what it is.

✓ You're sick of downloading endless free eBooks and spending hours scrolling on social media and comparing're well aware you are just stalling now and you're ready to stop messing around and make things happen...
  Having total confidence and belief in yourself that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. No more anxiety when you wake up first thing in the morning, it's time for butterflies of excitement!

Being crystal clear on how you can generate a minimum of £2,000+ per month on a consistent basis, plus the total belief in yourself to be able to keep growing that number. Get ready to pop a lot of champagne during the Accelerator!

Totally obliterating self-sabotage and understanding your own psychology on a deeper and more intimate level so that you become self-sufficient in smashing through your mental blocks.

No longer letting fear hold you back and having someone to hold your hand and support you as you push through them.

Finally getting real momentum in your business, breaking through your own barriers and treating your loved ones to a celebratory meal as you watch your income grow and grow!

Creating an intuitive visibility strategy for your business that feels good to you. No more hiding away, it's time to shine and be seen.


  Finally being able to write that Facebook post announcing that you have officially left the world of the 9-5 to focus on your growing empire full time.

✓ Creating an intuitive visibility strategy for your business that feels good to you. No more hiding away, it's time to shine and be seen.

✓ Having prospects come to YOU rather than cold messaging, spamming or chasing people down the street.

I know that right now this isn't your reality...

I'm the founder of The Self Made Woman brand and committed to the financial and economic empowerment of women everywhere. I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2014, sacked the boss in 2015 and never looked back. To date I've generated in excess of £400,000 in personal income through my business. My story has seen me featured in Forbes Magazine and asked to write a chapter in an Amazon best-selling book. wasn't always this way! I made less than £800 in my first six months of business. Not because I didn't know what I should be doing but because I simply wasn't doing it. I had a terrible mindset and was a pro at self-sabotage. It wasn't until I underwent a deep internal transformation that things changed and within the space of just a few months I was earning 5-figures a month.

After my success I took time to sit back and study why I had achieved so much...when other women seem to struggle. The link between a woman's mind and her success became my obsessionThis programme has literally been in the making for over two years. 

Network Marketing is CHANGING. What worked 20 years ago no longer works today. It's my mission to provide up and coming female leaders in Network Marketing not just with a bullet-proof mindset but with effective online strategy so that you get actual results.

I'm sick of seeing women struggle in Network Marketing due to poor leadership or training. You are not a cog in your upline's are a powerful woman who is ready for amazing things.

I have learnt A LOT during my journey and I want to use my unique combination of real-life business experience, qualifications and wide-ranging knowledge in areas such as online marketing, leadership and help you significantly reduce the learning curve and get results far quicker than you could achieve on your own.

Through everything I have learned I have come up with my signature "Self Made Method ™" that any woman can apply. This method shows you the FOUR key areas that absolutely must be in place for you to become your very own self-made success story.

I don't believe in just teaching you the mindset or just teaching you the strategy. You need both.

It's specifically designed to help you understand your own mind so that you can empower yourself to move through mental blocks and self-sabotage, create unstoppable confidence and make the money you deserve by learning the exact steps to building a stand-out personal brand online. This programme is different because...
You get 1-1 support.

Most group programmes offer group coaching only. In the Self Made Woman Accelerator, I understand the importance of 1-1 support and so the programme includes monthly 30-minute private sessions. This is practically unheard of in this kind of programme. PLUS, if you choose to pay in full before enrolment closes, you'll receive an additional THREE 60-minute private coaching sessions with Anna. 
You are encouraged to slow down to speed up.

In this programme we want you to slow down to speed up. Many programmes are designed to rush you through the steps just so a few people get results and can write them a great testimonial. After years of coaching women in business, I know that it's not as easy as just working through a few 'how to steps.' That's why we focus on really working through your mindset blocks and priming you for success FIRST. We slow down, so you can speed up and create huge momentum that lasts. 
You will learn skills for life. 

I am passionate about teaching my clients core skills that will empower them to be smarter and more successful Network Marketers. I don't believe in making clients dependent on me, I believe in creating fiercely independent women who have the power inside them to do anything they put their mind to. The online world changes so quickly, I am here to teach you how to always keep up.
Tearing Down Walls & Creating The New Self

We start with orientation and introducing you to my signature Self Made Method™. Expectations and intentions will be set for the programme. Meet your other Self Made Sisters and settle in for the ride of your life.  Phase 1 will involve deep transformational mindset work designed to help you understand your own mind on a whole new level. You'll learn why you self-sabotage and lack motivation...and how to bio-hack your brain so that you are the one back in control. You will be taking yourself apart so that you can put yourself back together. We will be doing deep work on self-image, overcoming fears, smashing through limiting beliefs and exploring neuroplasticity (your ability to literally change the pathways in your brain) as a means of personal evolution. You'll have access to transformational and positive psychology tools plus cutting edge mindset strategies. It's time to heal, regroup and reset. 

In these phases we will be focusing on leadership. We will explore what it means to be a leader. 

The second big goal for these phases is to create total clarity in what you want...and the confidence that you can have it. No more second guessing or backing out. You're getting prepared to WIN. You'll explore what has been really holding you back and how to remove any obstacles in your way. We will be bringing you back to your powerful centre and priming you for absolute success. Think of phases 1-2 as an intensive mindset course included within the overall coaching programme. 
Foundations & Massive Aligned Action 

Phases 3-4 are all about getting stuck into action. In Phase 3 we will be laying important foundations including... 

exploring and getting clarity on your personal brand, optimising your social media platforms for success and diving deep on the psychology of your target audience. This is an area that so many 

 Plus, we'll create a profitability plan for you and ensure your money mindset is radically transformed so you can welcome in new levels of financial abundance.

Phase 4 is all about massive aligned action. You'll learn how to set up your days for success and plan like a pro. I'll be showing you how to create a successful online sales funnel plus my secret weapons that mean you'll never have to pay a penny for leads. Interweaved throughout phases 3 & 4 will be ongoing mindset work designed to get you thinking like a true entrepreneur and flexing your business woman muscles. You'll learn how to cultivate grit and be consistent as you pursue your goals. 

Visibility & Momentum 

The final phases are focused on online visibility and momentum. In Phase 5 you'll be creating your Intuitive Visibility Mix to create an online visibility strategy that feels aligned to you. You'll learn how to show up effectively as a personal brand across multiple social media platforms. Plus we will be smashing through any fears and faulty belief systems around selling or visibility.

Phase 6 will be focused on momentum. By now, you will be in full swing and I'll be here to support you every step of they way.  We will ensure you have a solid success strategy in place but more importantly, you will have mastered key entrepreneurial skills that will last you a lifetime.

We will cover how to get new team off to the best start.
Unstoppable Confidence & Self Belief

This programme will show you how to cultivate total confidence within yourself. Imagine feeling unstoppable every day and having complete belief in yourself and your dreams. That's my reality and it can be yours!
A Bigger Bank Account & A Money-Mindset Makeover

Our big focus in this programme is to get you making MORE money than you have ever made in your business. I'll get you to dream bigger when it comes to income! Imagine clinking champagne glasses with your loved ones as you celebrate your biggest month in business!
An Authentic & Stand-Out Personal Brand

You will have created an authentic and outstanding personal brand that will stand the test of time, attract your ideal audience and make you a ton of money/
A Clear Road Map 

No more guessing what to do next. After the programme you'll have a complete road map on how to grow your Network Marketing business to 6-figures a year. 
Total Motivation & Momentum 

You'll have overcome self-sabotage and procrastination, and wake up each day overflowing with excitement and motivation to build your business. You'll be in the flow of true momentum as your business takes off and you finally know in your heart that this is really happening and coming true!
A Totally New Sense of Self 

You will be a brand new woman. One who is fully prepared for the rollercoaster of the online world, one who communicates better, has better relationships and has shed all doubt about her abilities. You will be a truly self made woman.
Total Ease with Technology

All the tech side of building a business will feel totally easy and straightforward. You'll have step by step instructions and tutorials you can refer back to anytime that you want. No more wanting to throw your laptop out of the window.
Incredible New Friends 

You'll have gained amazing new friends that will not only have a unique understanding of the journey that you are on but will be there to support you no matter what. 
Monthly 1-1 Coaching Calls: Enjoy a private 1-1 coaching call with Anna every single month including your initial on-boarding call. Most group coaching programmes never offer this, but I know how important it is to combine the group environment with focused 1-1 support. Once a month we will come together to review your progress and make a more tailored plan for you and your specific business.

Fortnightly Group Coaching Calls: Every fortnight you will come together with the group to review progress, get your questions answered and receive personalised support from me. I am passionate about keeping these calls intimate and they will be capped at a maximum of 20 women.

Monthly Guest Experts: Hear from monthly guest experts on anything from mindset, business strategy, social media and personal development.

Premium Online Course: Lifetime access to a private members area jam-packed with tools & downloads to support your growth and learning. This course will take you step by step through each of the phases of the programme. 

Weekly Accountability: Accountability is the KEY to unlocking your highest potential and to keep you on track and moving forward. Having someone in your corner who tells you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear is one of the most effective ways to grow and finally get your business off the ground.

Unlimited Daily Support: You'll receive unlimited daily support via the Voxer (voice-note) app and in the private Facebook group.

Private Facebook Group: Enjoy access to a private Facebook community exclusively for women in my Accelerator. When I joined my first group coaching programme the last thing I expected to get value from was being around others but in fact, I can confidently say that the friendships formed in that programme were one of the MOST valuable parts. Expect to meet other amazing women, be fully supported and make life long friends who truly understand you.
If you are someone who is committed to her success and ready to take action right away, I have some incredible bonuses for you worth over £2,500. 

If you choose to join the Accelerator before the 8th September you will receive....
You will receive TWO bonus private 30-minute coaching calls with Anna worth over £150. These can be taken whenever you want during the programme.  1-1 support is the way to turbo charge your results and success. 

This bonus will be limited to the first 5 women who take advantage of this offer!
If you choose to join the Accelerator before the 8th September AND choose the pay in full option, you will also receive an additional £2,450 in bonuses:
Firstly, your additional private coaching sessions will be UPGRADED to 60-minutes each worth an additional £150! This can be taken at any point during the programme.

 This bonus will be available to any woman who pays in full before the 8th September. 

The Truly Madly Deeply Masterclass is a transformational self-love journey that contains 12 incredible video lessons from NLP Practitioner & Breakthrough Coach Charlotte Pridmore.  Designed to help you finally and truly sort your past shit out, fall madly in love with yourself and attract and manifest the life and business you deeply desire! Worth £197.

This bonus will be available to any woman who pays in full before the 8th September. 
This bonus is easily worth over £2,000. Sales funnels can be complex & overwhelming to build and most sales funnel builders charge in excess of £2,000 to build out one for you. I'm going to be gifting my most successful sales funnel for FREE to the first 10 women who invest in full in the Accelerator. All you need to do is tweak it and make it your own! This is going to save you hours of work and effort. 

This bundle will be available for the first 10 women who pay in full before the 8th September. 
"Anna is an amazing coach to work with and I have enjoyed every minute we have spent together. She is an ultimate professional, extremely committed and she clearly knows and understands her niche inside out. Anna has the ability to help you drill down through the surface level of excuses we all give ourselves and, in a supportive and motivating way, call you out on your crap! I found that to be one of the most valuable experiences of our time together as it allowed me to get the clarity on my business I was struggling with, push past my fears and take action.  Anna’s ‘no nonsense’, expert approach to business building is coupled with such a great sense of humour and a very warm and caring heart. She genuinely wants you to succeed and will go the extra mile to tease out ideas and strategies that will help you to advance your business. 

I can honestly say that I have come further in building my business in the few months I have worked with Anna than what I have done struggling for years on my own."

Kirsty Millar, Founder of Create Your Clarity Vision Boarding Workshops
Working with Anna was instrumental in building my confidence when launching my business.  I have no background in business and having Anna by my side through the trials and tribulations was so comforting.  Her ‘no mess’ approach whilst being approachable and empathetic was the perfect combination you would want in a mentor.  Anna helped me through my fears and always had ‘the answer’ to any trouble shooting I had.  I’m grateful for the 6 months I  have spent with her and learnt so much along the way which I’ve been able to take forward since.  Without her guidance, I would have made so many more mistakes and am grateful that our paths have crossed as I take forward all the knowledge she has shared with me.  Anna went above and beyond the role of a mentor for which I am forever grateful and couldn’t have asked for a better person to stand with me as I made my huge transition to business owner.

Charlotte Francis, Founder & CEO Of Biankha & Friends.
"When I first started working with Anna I was completely lost. I knew I wanted to make changes in my life to be more present for my 2 year old daughter but I had no confidence in my abilities. I had no idea which direction I wanted to go with my work & no idea what was even possible. Anna was full of ideas and knowledge & helped me work through some potential business ideas. We spent the first few months just trialling different ones and Anna also helped me work on my mindset.

 Mindset was a huge problem for me and I was full of self doubt and limiting beliefs. With Anna’s help and the tools she has given me, I have managed to work through my blocks and finally believe in myself enough to take a business idea forward and even land myself my first client!! Anna is a fantastic coach and really tunes in to your needs to bring out your best self. I am a very closed person and don’t share my thoughts or true feelings very easily but I always felt truly comfortable sharing my deepest fears, concerns and worries with Anna. I’m excited about the future of my business and where it’s going to take me. I would highly recommend Anna as a coach if you know you’re destined for more but need that extra little push and support to get you there."

Gemma Coleman, Virtual Assistant. 

"I've been working with Anna for a little while but for the last 8 weeks I've really focused on utilising the training and support she's offered me to their potential. In this time, I have been freed from the barriers holding me back in both my personal life and my business. I have begun to overcome past traumas and began believing in my potential. I've lost guilt over not being able to be all things to all men, business guilt and mum guilt. I've even started to like myself and see the potential of what I could be. 

Anna has given me control over my life and my mind. In teaching me how my brain is wired, I have been able to love myself more and forgive myself for past inadequacies. I've found an excitement in my future and joy in my present. Within this time my business has over doubled with 2019 set to boom. Personally, I feel a pride and a joy in my life and my family are much happier from me being happier. Anna has helped me find a strength in my vulnerability and for me, that gift has brought me peace. I'm ever thankful that Anna is not only my mentor but has become my friend."

Kate Jennings, Professional Network Marketer
"I absolutely loved my coaching sessions with Anna, her sessions came at at time when I most needed them and it's one of the best investments I've made. I love how Anna makes you realise things that we cannot see which in turn is a lot more effective than to always focus on what is apparent.

Anna has walked me through every step of the way and I have come so far in terms of me being so passionate about my goals, clarity and focus within my business in which I was really lost. I always do my research before I do something, and the reason I chose Anna because she has values and morals, at the same time I found that she does not show of with her financial freedom, resulting in others not falling into that pressure of materialism but rather she focuses more on helping you on gain that clarity on yourself and mind (far more important to me). So thanks once again for actually guiding me through these steps as I've seen a HUGE difference in me compared to how I started off."

Mariya Maljee, Owner of Faventi Wedding Gifts & Favours
"I have absolutely loved my coaching sessions with Anna. They came at a time when I most needed direction, clarity, focus and to be made accountable. I have achieved so much in a relatively short space of time working with Anna and I have been amazed at how supportive and encouraging she is. She is so talented and has so many skills to offer for one so young. Not just simply coaching & keeping me on task, but helping at times when I felt a bit overwhelmed or didn't quite understand a process. I was so impressed with Anna's 12-week programme I decided to carry on coaching with her on a less regular basis because it has been so valuable. She is quite simply a life saver and I couldn't be without her! 

I continue to be inspired daily by her, she walks the walk day in day out and has motivated me to step outside of my comfort zone and achieve. I would recommend working with Anna without any hesitation if you're ready to take a bold step towards achieving your goals and unlocking potential you didn't know existed."

Andrea Burnand, Owner of Hands On Holistics and Health & Wellness Coach

"Anna has been my business coach for three years now. Within a year of my business I was earning in excess of £5,000 per month, was able to quit my job and travel to Australia & Bali. Throughout my journey I have had lots of challenges, the biggest one for me was self-belief. If I ever had a bad day I always knew Anna would be the one to help me snap out of it and help me remember my self-worth. She's a great listener and because she always works on herself, her mind is always bursting with new ways to help me help myself and also help others."
 Verity Gavan, CEO of True Freedom International 

"After just one strategy session with Anna I implemented everything she suggested and saw OVER 400% increase in my monthly sales volume.  It was AMAZING!"

Amy Schroeder, The Healthy Mom Boss.

"What I love about Anna is her investment in herself, she isn't afraid to take bold steps forward which speaks volumes about her coaching style. Her passion for learning and developing herself is inspiring and exactly what you want from a coach. She stays one step ahead so that she is able to coach with knowledge, bring new ideas to the table whilst listening to your needs. Anna recognises the different personality types which means she has an ability to work with a wide range of women, and get results. I know she will continue to change women's lives for the better, you are in for an exciting journey with your goals being ticked off working alongside Anna!

Melanie Brooks, Creative Product Strategist & Coach

This Unique Coaching Experience Will Provide You With The Final Empowering Push You Need When You Are Teetering On The Edge Of Something Amazing, But Are Hesitating Rather Than Taking Action

This programme is a premium level investment for women who are ready to up-level, drop their excuses and have lasting, transformational results. 
If you have come this far then I think you are seriously interested in this programme and doing the inner (and outer) work required to get to your next level. 

I want to share a quick story with you...if that's ok?

A man suddenly died and ended up at the gates of heaven. An angel met him at the gates and told him that he had been gifted with a choice of whether he wanted to go to heaven or hell. The man visited hell with the angel first of all. In hell, everyone looked to be having a fantastic life! They were partying, laughing and living the highlife. The man thought it looked incredible. When they visited heaven, the man thought it looked okay...but pretty boring. When the angel asked the man which he wanted to choose, he replied "I choose hell. Heaven looks okay, everyone looks happy and it looks great...but hell just looks so much more fun, it's unreal!" The angel granted the mans wish and he returned to the doors of hell. On opening the doors, he was horrified. The scene was one of torture, torment and pain. The man turned to the angel and said in a terrified voice, "What has happened? This is nothing like the place I saw when you first showed me around?!" The angel turned to him and replied, "Oh yes, sorry about that...that was the sales meeting you see!"

I'm not here to sell you an 'easy life' and try to seduce you into buying this Accelerator by promising you that this will be an easy ride, that I'll do everything for you or make you feel like you're a failure if you haven't hit multiple six-figures in the first 30 seconds of business. You will be challenged. In a way, this programme is my own personal rebellion against everything I see (and hate) in the online coaching world. I have spent over TWO YEARS crafting and perfecting this programme and I couldn't be more excited to put it out into the world. 
I don't rush in this programme, there is no pressure...but I do push. I will push you to be the absolute best version of yourself. I won't let you quit on yourself. I expect better of you...and that's what you need right now.

I have invested over $40,000 in my own personal and skill development over the past couple of years because I know that the people who invest in themselves are the ones who get the greatest success for themselves and for their clients. Here are a just a few of those seminars and courses...

✔ Brendon Burchard's High-Performance Academy (Worth $1,000).
✔ Grace Lever's Genius Project (Worth $1,000).
✔ Tom Barrett's Leadership Seminar (Worth $400). 
✔ Niyc Pidgeon's Unstoppable Success Accelerator (Worth $10,000). 
✔ Natalie Diver's Boss Babe Instagram Academy (Worth $1000).
✔ Jessica Nazarali's Coaching Mastery Certification (Worth $6,000)
✔Jessica Nazarali's Business Mastery Certification (Worth $3,500). 
Question: "What kind of business owner is this programme for?"

This programme is for anyone whose business requires a strong personal brand. This includes service-based and expert-based entrepreneurs, and network marketers. Yes, Network Marketing is a service-based business! If you are unsure whether this is the right programme for you, please book in for a free call with Anna. 

: "Where and when will the coaching sessions take place?"

Online, via Zoom. The exact time and date of the group coaching sessions is TBC. Please note, due to time differences that these sessions are likely to take place at weekends or weekday mornings. Private sessions can be booked whenever you would like at a time that's convenient for us both!

Question: "How often will coaching sessions be?"

We will have one group coaching session per fortnight. In-between your coaching sessions you will have unlimited support in the Facebook group or via voice-note, whichever you prefer! You will also receive one 30-minute private session per month. If you enrol before the 15th September and choose to invest in full, you'll also receive three bonus private coaching sessions with Anna. 

Question: "I know I want to run my own business but I don't yet have any ideas what kind of business I want to run, can I still do the programme?"

If this is you, then I'd encourage you to book in a complimentary consultation call. We can use that time to discuss the ideas you have and I can empower you to make a decision about which business is right for you. However, to successfully complete the coaching programme, you must be clear on your business idea

Question: "You mention unlimited voice-note support, how unlimited are we talking?

I recognise that many women start their business whilst working full time, I started my first business that way! So I offer unlimited online or voice-note support to boost your progress. I will always endeavour to reply to your message within 24 hours. 

Question: "What do you mean by private members area and online course?"

As part of the programme you will receive exclusive access to a private treasure trove of tools, templates and trainings that you can work through at your own pace, just like an online course. You will have lifetime access to this course and any updates/improvements along the way. 

Question: "I have a business idea but it's an offline business idea...can I still do the programme? "

This is up to you. I believe that you would still benefit enormously from the programme as ALL businesses require some online presence and if you are not using online marketing strategies then you are missing a trick. Please book in a call with Anna to see if this programme is right for you. 

Question: "What happens during the virtual coffee?" 

During this 20-30 minute call we will have a pressure-free chat to see where you are at with your life and business, and whether we are a good fit for a coaching relationship and make sure that this programme is the right programme for you. It's that simple!

Questions: "What results do you guarantee?"

Whilst I am very much a results-driven coach and I will hold you accountable throughout our coaching journey together, I cannot guarantee results. This is YOUR life and YOUR business and you must take 100% of the responsibility for achieving your goals. 
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